Day 4

I just wonder.

I wonder if this idea I’m about to tell you became a reality, what would happen to the collective pulse, the collective heart, that we all share under our sun, and the stars, and the dark void.

Imagine everyone around the world, wherever you may be, participating in one event. It would happen where you stand at nine pm, December 31st, bringing in the new year with one message: reverence to those lost in the undertow of society’s order, and reverence to those currently being dragged under. 

The tone will be led by great orators and social savants. Martin Luther King Junior, James Baldiwn, Marsha Linehan, and others who spread knowledge increasing our collective understanding of the differences between one another. That will be the baseline.

Any radio station, internet radio station, twitch streamer, YouTube live streamer, ANYONE who wants to participate, will broadcast the words of these amazing people, so wherever you are, their messages will be accessible. 

You may put your hand on your heart, no matter your nationality, to recognize the heart inside, and the symbolism, the meaning, that we as a global culture have already decided upon. You can hold your heart for patriotism, for love, for remembrance, and ultimately we will hold our hearts in honor of those hearts that have stopped beating. We remember too, the hearts that stop beating when they are pulled over by police. We remember too, the hearts of those in mental hospitals, or on the streets, without ground to stand. We remember too, the hearts of those without homes. We remember too, the hearts of all those hidden in the shadow of today’s global order. The order which has no leader. The order, like the wind, a natural phenomena, winding through and around us, changing things. 

So on December 31st, at nine pm, let us harness that wind, and turn it into energy. We will stand, and sit, and lay, and walk, and run, and swim, and fly together for one hour. 

If you are not yet moved by this idea, think of a loved one who would be, and consider the movement they would get in their heart if you too took part in such an idealist thing. A dream that only dreamers would dare believe in. A dream that could easily become reality if only you made it so.

So when the time rolls around to nine pm on New Year’s Eve, wherever you are, tune in, however you can. If you so chose, film the moment. Upload it to Youtube, to instagram, to TikTok, tweet it, plaster it on FaceBook so the story that night is not one whose purpose, whose meaning is in question. 

Imagine that. Imagine that message and how it would land. Hands on hearts, no matter your circumstance, we will do it together.


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A guy who loves to share, and communicate accurately.

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