Day 6

Day 6.

Today I want to talk about some of my back story, but because of a short average retention rate on YouTube, I am going to dive into my affirmations.

Quick background, I went to a mental health program on my own accord for the first time last year in 2019. I learned a lot, but one thing that stuck out was that they encouraged us to write down at least twenty affirmations by the end of the four weeks, in order to say them every morning.

These are those:

  1. I am smart.
  2. I am worthy.
  3. I am a good worker.
  4. I am charismatic.
  5. I am joy.
  6. I am creative.
  7. I persevere.
  8. I am a safe person to be around.
  9. I trust my breath to bring me vitality.
  10. I trust myself to heal.
  11. I do not judge my judgments, too much.
  12. I give myself grace by my own power, and accept grace by god’s power.
  13. I live in the moment.
  14. I endure.
  15. I say no when it’s the truth.
  16. I am focused.
  17. I am good with people.
  18. I am safe.
  19. I am smart.
  20. I am passionate.
  21. I trust my own decisions.
  22. I am talented.
  23. I am affective/effective/efficient.
  24. I remember what I cannot see.

My life has been measurably better since I started these affirmations, and that is why I wanted to share them. 

My journey has been fun, and crazy, and I’ve had to deal with the stigma of the latter. By saying these things, I remind myself the truth. 

Honestly though, in the beginning I didn’t feel good about it. I would just kind of pretend to believe in myself. As time went on, I decided to look at myself in a mirror as I said them, and analyze how much I believed each one.

I would say, “I am smart. Hmmm, okay, I believe that one about 42%.” I’d go down the list, and go through the days, and they all started feeling more believable. 

I felt better and was better equipped to deal with curve balls. When something at work would come up, my mind would remind me, “I am a good worker,” and “I am affective/effective/efficient.” When I would write lyrics, or perform them, and feel less than average, I would naturally remind myself, “I am talented.”

I purposefully started with “I am smart,” and reiterated that for number 19. I feel like starting any train of thought with that belief leads me in the right direction. That is, I am even smart enough to figure out that I am wrong in believing something. 

I hope these help you. Feel free to pick and choose ones, if you want to start a list of your own. 

Tomorrow I will be writing and reading on self hate.

Happy Tuesday.

Stay healthy!


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