Day 8

“In the end, the wicked do not profit from good fortune and the righteous do not suffer without compensation.” – Apocrypha Now.

Apocrypha Now is a summation of some of the texts from the Apocrypha, or the parts of the bible that were not canonical, or bound in the book we know today as the bible. 

One of the summations was about Prophets and Elijah was one of them. He was explaining what the Torah meant. 

To me though, in the last video, I left out, “In the end,” which is a pivotal statement. I think the end depends on how you look at it. Some might think that this refers to death, while others could think of it as referring to the end of something, like a game. 

When the apocalypse happens, or, in “Old English, via Old French and ecclesiastical Latin from Greek apokalupsis, from apokaluptein ‘uncover, reveal’, from apo- ‘un-’ + kaluptein ‘to cover’.” In the end, people will see the cheats and the liars and the wicked. People will see the importance of helping those who suffer.

When those who are suffering get help, and feel better, they will have knowledge unlike their wicked counterparts. That knowledge is not a damning knowledge, but one of understanding and forgiveness. They know that everyone is capable of needing help. 

Wealth of the spirit is in question. A wicked person may have all the financial compensation they could get, but have no time for themselves, no time for enriching their spirit. And to be fair, I think wicked is a term here that could use defining. 

I am not Elijah, so I don’t know the original meaning. How i signifed this was, the wicked are those who choose to ignore their spirit and the spirit of others. They choose to ignore the fact that everything in the universe is connected. They build a bubble around themselves and sometimes others, and either don’t realize or don’t care how their actions are impacting others in the bubble.

But like all bubbles, theirs too will pop. All of those who were in the bubble, believing certain things to be true, will see an unveiling of what is actually true. The apocalypse.

I don’t think the compensation that the righteous get from suffering would be appealing enough for someone to say, ‘Oh man, make me suffer now.’ I don’t think this is the case because anyone who has suffered knows the hurt that comes with it. 

Hopefully in time, they also know the wisdom and comfort in knowing about the place, and how to never go back. Hopefully those people will tell others about those places in great detail, so no one has to go there ever again, if they don’t want to.

Anyway,  I probably will write more on this, but I gotta get to my job!

Happy Friday!


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