Day 9

Years ago I was on my own in my mind alone couldn’t find a home even though I had one a sad song I was mad wrong but Im glad Im better for it diagnoses don’t ignore it bipolar don’t abhor it, its my savior now I got medicine different flavors mood stabilizers the liars will tell that its stigmatizes but surprise it helps center the third eye when consistency applies stifle nothing but the psychotic rides  hypnotic tides ripping you away from the prize of life. 

Now lets talk about therapy psychiatry its medicine psychotherapy let us in to talk Id walk many miles for someone to hear me out without a doubt and judgement we will all face it but lets face it the burden we lugging it. Its snug fit between our psyche and our heart, with out ripping a part or leaving a scar lets coax the mar banish it real far then forgive. 

In my case it was drug induced simple marijuana I’ll give you the proof proof pass my high would last longer it lingered from present to past to infinity trash my divinity clash with the energy that was keeping me safe I was not myself but with help and family I came back

Some help me to stay regal

And fly like an eagle free for my people

To stay grounded on reality we pull


Published by adamwarrengeorge

A guy who loves to share, and communicate accurately.

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