Day 10

Thank you Tabi, for letting me share your work! Below is a piece written by my wife.

Do you think loneliness can ever feel less sticky? I know this seems to be a rather odd question but to me being lonely feels like stepping in gum. Once it is on your damn shoe all you can do is freeze it and then pry it off. That and it seems to always leave some sticky residue in your head and then collects dirt and other terrible things the next time you decide to wear it. Loneliness is also rather sneaky, you don’t expect it to suddenly appear on your walk. 

Or in your office. In front of your computer. Loneliness just kind of sneaks up on you in the silence of the last conversation or thought. And then as you try to get the hell away from it, you feel the emptiness gnawing at your mental infrastructure. Because somehow, maybe as a cosmic joke, freezing out the loneliness also freezes out everything else. So there you are in your worn out head with your collection of dirt attached to the remaining emotion wondering if and when you will figure out how to use goo gone instead of the freezer. And however that might look like for a thought. 


Published by adamwarrengeorge

A guy who loves to share, and communicate accurately.

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