Day 11


Awaken my friend, 

Another day begins. 

Another day to think about your sins.

Personal judgements.

Suspend them now,

Lets change up how,

We talk to god, 

I i  we nod

Let my friend come in, please?

They’ve been running,

Hiding, fighting, lying, dying…

We’d all fit in. 

All judgements,

For gone.

We on

One love.

Our breathe,

If feels so good,

It feels like death

Of ego.

We’re going 


Could you hurry up?

Eyes blurry. What,

Do you know now?

Will you hold out?

They need a place to rest for heaven’s sake.

I know there’s space.

We ran the race,

A different pace, 

I fractal lace

This plea, will go to waste.

We need no hate.

I call it fate.

Compassion weight.

Let’s lift the gate.

No check 

No mate.

I pawn,


They spawn,

The nations. 

We are tribes, we are masons.

We build space stations.

We fill land spills with waste on


We work

I hurt 

This dirt.

I need help with my frustration.

Well, thank you much.

We know as such,

Our wealth, the rush.

I earned this.


Broken down, broken now. 

We mend we plow. 

We kill the sow.

Now, show them what you can do.

We can plan 

the Heartening. 

Of the start, i sing.

I man the 


My art, my king.

Thats I, 

I bring

Personal salvation

Inside my self.

I’m the only one who can do it for me,

But other’s can help.

I sell you life.

My heart, my strife.

I give you light. 

It’s mine, so bite 

Down and hah chew!

The jokes on you.

Cause i am me and you 

You see

So we are we 

Now move.

Up up away,

We levitate.

I know the truth.

I’m imperfect. 


Can say they’re not.

In the dark, i shot 

For thought.

Connect the dot.

I I, 

We caught. 

I clock. 

I pen in chalk. 

We gather we flock.

Knock knock. Knock knock?

Who’s there?

It’s me.

I’m love.

I’m free.


Published by adamwarrengeorge

A guy who loves to share, and communicate accurately.

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