Day 14

Gratitude is something that can be practiced no matter the situation I am in. As long as there is breath in my lungs, there is something to be grateful for. I am working on a memoirette called Through the Pane and it is chronicling my life and the pain I experience.  I know what itContinue reading “Day 14”

Day 13

Organization. What is it? To those creatures who were molded by chaos, it might feel like the devil, while others feel like organization is their savior. Organization is done by all. We could go down to the core of it and say that the hierarchy of needs is one way the mind organizes. Water, food,Continue reading “Day 13”

Day 4

I just wonder. I wonder if this idea I’m about to tell you became a reality, what would happen to the collective pulse, the collective heart, that we all share under our sun, and the stars, and the dark void. Imagine everyone around the world, wherever you may be, participating in one event. It wouldContinue reading “Day 4”