Day 7

Okay, this one is hard. Trigger warning: the topic is self hate.  Such a strong emotion, and towards the person that matters most, oneself. How does it happen? How to get rid of it? Is there any reason why? The answer to that last question is definitely not. I have been to a mind spaceContinue reading “Day 7”


Day 3

Let’s take some time to think about those without homes.  I am passionate about helping people without homes, even if it’s a little bit of help. The reason is, I wasn’t far from being on the street, very confused: disordered. I can’t thank enough every single person, and doggo, in my support group who helpedContinue reading “Day 3”

Day 1

Hey,  This is a blog about my experiences with BiPolar disorder.  At times, it (my blog) is intentionally disorientating. I want to reflect in my writing the nature of the disorder I experience. The natural order that causes me to get to a point, a moment, where I reorder. I have chosen before to reorientate,Continue reading “Day 1”